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name : YT investor services

to do : logo(s) +visit card (name & fake address)

definition: YT investor services is a company who is main activity consists in the administration of funds and family office (organisation who is is managing family wealth).

expected identity : modern / high end / minimal / subtle 

 existing identities of businesses providing similar services.

what values should a family office reflect / stand for :

- trust
- integrity
- dynamism
- transparence
- solidarity
- precision
- tradition
- solidaity
- finacial knowledge
- fiabilité
- précision
- long lasting
 #1 proposition based on typography
 #2 proposition based on illustration
 #2 proposition based on illustration
 final selection is a mixture of typography & illustration.
a single block has the shape of the letters "YT" 
the connection of multiple blocks create the impression of a solid stone build gate.
 first refinement. 
the adding of color was nessessary to freshen & lighten up the global image
within the combination of randomly selected colors, the logo is still working
 final logo
 presentation on light and dark background



a online communication platform developed by JOINExperience  
gives the possibilty to chat / mail / share documents at the same time

there was the need to have a logo that refects:
- the word "CO Space" 
- online comuication
 #2 proposition
 #3 proposition
 the 3 logo propositions
 final choice


In the context of „COSPACE“ a online comunication tool, these icons had to be developped.
They needed to follow the same visual language & work in all sizes (16x16px to 120x120px)