→ Conceptualisation

Conceptualisation is a major part of my work as Product Designer.
☛ analyze & understand a given product within the most aspects possible.
☛ get rid of assumptions
☛ take time to formulate the right questions
☛ follow the principle „Form follows function“.

During the time i worked at Hasbro toys, i got the privilege to work among the small team of concept designers in a department called „Future Now“.
Our task consisted in analyzing the current toy market by:
☛ analyzing Hasbro’s competitors,
☛ analyzing Hasbro’s brands and how they evolve outside in the consumers hands,
☛ go to topic related meetings in order to get in touch with the real world,
☛ consult topic related persons: kids, parents, designers, professors, students…
all this in order to to come up with new toy concepts that fit to the current market.

During the time I worked at Ludic Philosophy where we mainly developed a browser game,
we constantly were striving on how to interconnect the possibilities that the online world offers us in order to include them into the game.
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